Working Here

Working at Blythe is an opportunity to start a career at a company where employees and clients are treated with respect, doors are open, and commitments and promises honored. This a place where you can start as a laborer and move up into supervisory and management roles.  All we ask is that you work hard to help us accomplish our project plans and deadlines and that you work safely.  

When you look what it has taken to create the successful projects, including the hundreds of roads, sitework projects, and greenways constructed in the Carolinas and Virginia, you find an accomplished group of employees who know the power of working as a team. Our leaders have worked in the field themselves and know the value of treating employees with respect. They recognize that families, relationships, and community are important. These principles may sound pretty fundamental and traditional to some. However,  they have helped us to prosper, grow, and improve throughout the years and are just part of the way that we do business.  

Employment Application