Union at Tryon Apartments

Blythe Development Company is playing a crucial role in the development of Union at Tryon Apartments, a significant workforce housing project in Charlotte’s University City. Spearheaded by the Annex Group, this $6.5 million community is set to offer 200 units of affordable housing, aiming for completion in 2025.

Our involvement in this project centers on comprehensive site work services, laying the groundwork for this much-needed housing development. Our team is responsible for the clearing and movement of materials, essential first steps in preparing the site for construction. We’re also installing robust storm drainage systems, ensuring the long-term sustainability and safety of the area.

A key feature of our work includes the construction of three underground sand filter chambers and five underground detention tanks. These elements are vital for managing water flow and quality, reflecting our commitment to environmentally responsible construction practices.

Additionally, Blythe Development is handling the installation of sanitary sewer and water infrastructure, which are critical for the functionality and livability of the apartments. Our expertise extends to the final touches of site concrete work and asphalt paving, contributing to the overall aesthetics and accessibility of Union at Tryon Apartments.

As this project progresses, it underscores Blythe Development Company’s expertise in handling diverse and complex site work requirements, reinforcing our dedication to supporting affordable housing initiatives and enhancing community living standards.