Macy Grove Road Expansion

Pinnacle Award-Winning Project

Blythe Development Company proudly received a Pinnacle Award for the $39.3 million Macy Grove Road project. This significant undertaking involved widening and extending nearly a mile of Macy Grove Road into a multi-lane roadway and constructing a new interchange with I-40 Business. Our efforts significantly enhanced the area’s infrastructure, accommodating the daily flow of 55,000 vehicles more efficiently and safely.

A major component of this project was the creation of a new compressed diamond interchange at Macy Grove and I-40 Business. Additionally, 1.8 miles of I-40 Business were widened and improved. The construction included three major bridges, one each over I-40 Business, Norfolk Southern Railroad, and East Mountain Street, showcasing our expertise in complex infrastructural development.

This project was not just about expansion; it aimed to provide safer access to key destinations like the new FedEx distribution center, Kernersville Medical Center, and the new VA hospital. Remarkably, we achieved this goal four months ahead of schedule. Safety was a paramount consideration throughout the project, as evidenced by our outstanding safety record of 181,068 man-hours without lost time due to accidents, even with multiple subcontractors involved in various aspects like asphalt paving, concrete work, and signal installation.

The success of the Macy Grove Road project was also recognized by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, with representatives lauding it as “a great project and partnership all the way around—a very positive experience.” This project stands as a testament to Blythe Development Company’s commitment to excellence, safety, and effective partnership in large-scale infrastructure projects.