I-77-US-21 Gilead Road Diverging Diamond Interchange

The I-77-US-21 Gilead Road Diverging Diamond Interchange, a $36 million project managed by NCDOT, is a key infrastructure development spanning 1.2 miles. It is designed to boost transportation capacity on Gilead Road, Statesville Road, and I-77, addressing the needs of the expanding Huntersville – Lake Norman communities.

This extensive five-phase project includes several major construction components:

  1. Construction of a Two-Span Structural Steel Bridge: A 350’ x 60’ bridge, providing robust and efficient traffic management.
  2. Storm Drainage Improvement: Installation of 14,000 LF of reinforced concrete pipe and 220 masonry drainage structures, significantly enhancing stormwater management.
  3. Water and Sewer Infrastructure Enhancements: Upgrading 7,000 LF of water lines and 1,800 LF of sanitary sewer systems, ensuring reliable and efficient utility services.
  4. Intersection Developments: Building four new signaled intersections and upgrading four existing ones, improving traffic flow and safety.
  5. Pedestrian Infrastructure: Adding 10,000 SY of concrete sidewalk, facilitating pedestrian movement and accessibility.

The I-77-US-21 Gilead Road Diverging Diamond Interchange project stands as a testament to Blythe Development Company’s expertise in managing large-scale infrastructure projects. Through meticulous planning and execution, this project not only aims to ease traffic congestion but also enhances the overall connectivity and safety for both motorists and pedestrians in the region.