I-277 / Caldwell Interchange

Blythe Development Company’s  I-277 / Caldwell Interchange Project significantly enhanced access to Uptown, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and the many new office buildings, apartments, and mixed-use projects that followed the Hall of Fame. This project, a collaboration with the City of Charlotte and the North Carolina Department of Transportation, exemplified our commitment to high-quality urban infrastructure development. Completed on schedule and within budget, it demonstrated our capability to manage complex urban projects efficiently and safely.

The project encompassed a wide array of improvements, such as constructing tunnels under I-277 and 4th Street, overhauling utility systems, and enhancing road aesthetics with bridge railings and decorative crosswalks. Effective coordination with 24 subcontractors and the adoption of innovative construction methods, including rail systems for tunnel work, was key to its success. These efforts not only streamlined traffic flow and increased safety but also added to the visual appeal of the area, reinforcing our track record in executing large-scale, impactful infrastructure projects.