Jack and Frank Blythe

Jack and Frank Blythe | Founders

Twin brothers, Jack and Frank Blythe, have sustained and built upon the Blythe family’s  tradition in the construction industry started in the 1920’s. After working in the family business in the late 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, Jack and Frank formed Blythe Development Co. in 1989 in order to focus on providing first class service in construction infrastructure. In 1994, the brothers created Blythe Brothers Asphalt Co. to further enhance the capabilities and provide a full-service site work package which includes asphalt production.

Today the companies annually perform projects totaling more than $230 million in revenues, employing over 900 employees and utilizing over 350 major pieces of heavy construction equipment. Blythe has been ranked in the top 100 largest privately held corporations in NC for the past 13 years and continues to climb.

Jack and Frank take pride in treating employees with the respect they deserve, maintaining a family atmosphere, and being accessible – all a part of an approach that they see as vital to delivering quality work and results. 

Luke Blythe | President

Luke Blythe | President

Recently named president, Luke has played a large part in the growth and success of Blythe over the past three decades. After graduating from UNC – Chapel Hill, he started at Blythe as a project assistant, before his work as a project manager, division manager, and then vice president of operations. Luke’s project experience includes everything from large NCDOT & SCDOT projects to design build, municipal, airport, and large private site developments. He has successfully managed projects of various sizes in NC, SC, and VA ranging from $1 million to over $60 million. While Luke served as Vice President of Operations the company consistently performed over $250 million per year over several years. Luke is the fourth generation of Blythes in the construction business and is continuing the family legacy in his role as president.

Joey Dodson | Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

Joey Dodson | Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

 Joey oversees all of the operations and financial details for Blythe Development, LLC including Blythe Brothers Asphalt Co.  Since joining Blythe in 2002 as Chief Financial Officer, he has helped manage the expansion of the business as we grew from $65 million to almost $300 million in annual revenue.

After graduating from Winthrop University in 1994, Joey began his career as an internal auditor for a small community bank. From there he worked at several different financial institutions before being named the Chief Financial Officer for Park Meridian Bank. Joey served as CFO for Park Meridian Bank until the bank was acquired in 2002. 

Stoney Bumgardner | Vice President / Procurement

Stoney Bumgardner | Vice President / Operations 

As Vice President of Operations, Stoney oversees all of Blythe Development’s project work, estimating, and operations. Driven by standards learned in the military, Stoney is focused on growing Blythe’s business as well as continuing improvement in all of our project services and practices.  

After serving in the US Marine Corps, Stoney began his career in the field at F.T. Williams. There he worked his way up through the ranks from the field into estimating.  He was appointed  vice president of operation for Dirtworks, Inc. in 1996 and served as the lead estimator on various commercial, heavy highway, design build and joint venture projects. He joined Blythe in 2007 as an estimator and was appointed division manager for estimating in 2016. 

Tucker Blythe

Tucker Blythe | Vice President / Charleston Division

Tucker is responsible for Blythe’s Charleston operations including business development and project management. Working in the residential, commercial, and public sectors of the company, he has been a part of projects ranging from $500k up to 20 million.

Tucker began working at Blythe in 2003 focusing on the company’s golf course construction, including work on Palisades Country Club and Carolina Lakes, two very respected courses. From there Tucker served Blythe as a superintendent, project manager, and division manager.

Taking pride in being hands on and field oriented, Tucker is also a licensed operator for un-inspected passenger vessels for the US Coast Guard and has a successful fishing charter business that he has operated since 2008.

John Cassell

John Cassell | Division Manager / Private 

 As division manager for our private division and its work with commercial and residential clients, John is responsible for overseeing the overall management of construction projects ranging in value from $500K to $10 million with a total annual volume of +/- $65 million. He has worked for Blythe for a combined tenure of 13+ years serving as a division manager from 1991 through 1998 and again from 2010 until present. Starting his career as a landscape architect John has worked in various roles including land planner, golf course designer, real estate development manager, land acquisition manager and construction manager. His experience spans single family subdivisions, multi-family apartments, commercial and retail developments, golf courses, “mixed use” master planned real estate developments as well as institutional and industrial projects.

David Tolley | Division Manager – Public

David Tolley | Division Manager / Public

David oversees all public division operations including heavy civil projects. He started his career in construction working for NCDOT. There David worked as a roadway and asphalt inspector on the first segment of I-485 which included the I-485/I-77 Interchange.  In 1994, he joined Blythe where he has held many positions including project assistant, foreman, superintendent, and numerous project management positions. David’s work experience includes major residential, commercial, and public projects. For the last 15 years most of David’s experience has been on the public side, working with many different public entities including City of Charlotte, NCDOT, SCDOT, Mecklenburg County, York County and CDIA.

Kevin O’Connor | General Manager – Asphalt

Kevin O’Connor | General Manager / Asphalt

Responsible for all asphalt plant and paving services, Kevin joined Blythe Development in 2014 as a Project Manager working in our Public Division.  There he managed multiple NCDOT, SCDOT, CDIA, City of Charlotte and other local municipal projects ranging in value from $1 million to $40 million. In 2019, Kevin was promoted to Senior Project Manager of the Public Division and oversaw multiple project managers with projects ranging in value from $1 million to $65 million from 2019 till the end of 2022, before being promoted to General Manager of Blythe Brothers Asphalt Co. Kevin worked for two large highway contractors in the public sector prior to joining the Blythe Development team, working on multiple construction projects ranging from $500K to +/- $150 million in both NCDOT and SCDOT including multiple Design-Build Projects.

Bart DeVore

Bart DeVore | Division Manager / Support 

Responsible for managing all of Blythe’s utility and concrete work, Bart is an industry veteran whose path includes work in a different state.  Bart started his career at Blythe Industries as a Project Engineer. From there he advanced to Project Manager where majority of experience was in the NCDOT heavy-highway public market. In 1997 he moved to Blythe Development as a Project Manager and managed mainly private projects along with several NCDOT and City of Charlotte Projects. In 2002 he moved to Tennessee to take a Vice President position for a small grading contractor and grew business from 6 million to 35 million within six years. In 2012 he returned to Blythe Development Company to manage private projects and operations.

Matthew Spencer | Business Development Manager

Matthew Spencer | Business Development Manager

Our business development manager is responsible for bringing aboard new clients for all of Blythe’s divisions including private development work as well as our work for the public sector ranging from roads and bridges to greenways, aviation, and transit.  Matthew started his career at Blythe nearly 20 years ago at a time when we had only one asphalt plant.  He played an integral role in the expansion of Blythe Brothers Asphalt, Co. before assuming his new role as business development manager for all of Blythe.  



Michael Bowen

Michael Bowen | Division Manager / Estimating

Mike is responsible for all company estimating and has worked on several hundreds of public and private bids ranging from $200 thousand to $200 million. He joined Blythe Development in 2006 and moved up through the estimating department. He began his career as a civil engineer/field surveyor in 1995. He worked on several civil projects in the Charlotte area including preliminary surveys for I-485 and US Hwy 74 East. In 2000, he moved over to the construction side with Dellinger Inc.

Danny Newman

Danny Newman | Purchasing Manager

Danny is Blythe’s Purchasing Manager and is responsible for acquisition of all materials, administration of controls including PO’s, change order, and budget revisions. Previously, he served as a project manager after starting his career at Blythe as a project assistant. Danny has been a part of Blythe project teams successfully completing projects totaling over $150,000,000, predominantly within the public sector (NCDOT, City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, CDIA, York and various school improvement projects). Before joining Blythe, Danny worked in the logistics industry as an import/export manager moving freight all over the world.

Todd Bowman | Division Manager Equipment

Todd Bowman | Division Manager / Equipment

Beginning his career with Blythe at the age of 18, Todd worked in the field initially allowing him to gain first-hand knowledge of how trucks and equipment operate and the essential role they play in the company’s success. His experience in Project Management provides him with insight as to typical equipment needs and timing. He uses this understanding to reduce equipment expenditures while making sure our equipment continues to function properly.

Tracking and taking inventory of the equipment fleet allows Blythe to make decisions on whether to upgrade or sell a piece of equipment that is no longer serving the company. Todd has attended conferences and visited equipment plants to continue learning about each of the pieces of machinery and the new technology available for construction companies.

Bruce Poling I Division Manager Safety and HR

Bruce Poling I Division Manager / Safety and HR

As head of safety and human relations, Bruce is responsible for all policies and training regarding training as well as employee hiring and administration. Joining Blythe Development in 1999 as the safety director, he was promoted to division manager in 2017. Bruce has made safety an integral part of the Blythe culture, an essential priority to our team that always comes first and without compromise. Bruce has completely built our training program and continues to develop new ways to make sure our employees are trained for the tasks they perform and have the most up to date education. His programs include partnership training initiatives with OSHA.


Alison Lombard | Human Resource Manager

Alison Lombard | Human Resource Manager

As Human Resources Manager Alison is responsible for all administration of all personnel policies and activities including oversight of hiring, training, and benefits. Alison began her career as an HR Coordinator in 2006 for Stantec, Inc. and worked her way up to an HR Generalist focusing on integrating newly acquired groups. After leaving Stantec she went on to be a Senior HR Consultant working with small businesses to establish and maintain their HR departments. During this time she discovered her passion was within the construction industry, joining the Blythe team in 2020 as our Human Resources Manager.