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At Blythe, we believe successful projects are a function of execution and sound planning including the resources and team required for success. Recognizing the needs of our clients, employees, partners, and the community in all we do, we work to make sure we always deliver on our commitments and promises.

This is the Blythe Way, principles that have guided our business for decades, principles designed to create long-term relationships and outcomes that meet and better yet exceed our clients’ expectations.

"We do not shy away from challenging and difficult projects. When others say no, Blythe says yes"

"We work as a team. Different divisions and crews support each other from sharing equipment and resources to thoughts on the best ways to address project challenges."

"We work hard to keep jobs on schedule. We know the toll that prolonged projects take on families and businesses that rely upon the roads that we build."

Blythe Brothers Asphalt Co.

Blythe Brothers Asphalt Co. is an asphalt manufacturer, as well as an asphalt contractor, in the greater Charlotte area.  Our mixes meet all NCDOT and SCDOT requirements. 

We provide asphalt services for both public and private projects, including  asphalt paving, patching, milling, and stone placement.

Blythe Brothers Asphalt Co.
Blythe Featured in Business North Carolina

Blythe Featured in Business North Carolina

The story of Blythe Development, our culture, evolution, and recently created Employee Stock Ownership structure are all a part of this article by Dave Mildenberg of Business North Carolina. We appreciate their taking the time to write the story behind our evolved organization and all we are working to accomplish.  Read the article and you will see photos from our newest asphalt plant in Rock Hill.

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The River District and West Boulevard Extension

The River District and West Boulevard Extension

The Blythe team has been working diligently over the past two years on the River District, a 1400-acre master planned community located on the Catawba River. Developed by Crescent Communities, The River District promises to be a sustainable community complete with a working farm, more than 8,000,000 sq ft. of office space, 2,300 single-family homes, 2,350 multifamily homes, 500,000 sq ft. of retail, and 1,000 hotel rooms.

Our work includes clearing grading, and initial infrastructure for the first components of the River District and its Westrow neighborhood slated to include homes, apartments, and a town center. During this period, we have been constructing the West Boulevard Extension, a 4 lane, median divided and multi pedestrian experience with bicycle facilities on both sides of the roadway.

Blythe Becomes 100% Employee Owned Company

Blythe Development became a 100% Employee-Owned Company on March 29, 2024. Assisted by Lazear Capital Partners, Blythe Brothers Holdings, Inc., parent of Blythe Development and Blythe Brothers Asphalt, was sold to Blythe Brother Holding, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

A Place to Grow and Build a Career

Interested in joining a successful team and working in a place where you can grow and build a career? A place where rewards are shared and employees respected?  We invite you to learn more about our current positions that are available and the benefits of working at Blythe, a 100% employee owned company whose roots in the industry date back more than 100 years.

We have numerous employees who started with us years ago, beginning their work in one role, and then advancing to supervisory and management positions. Some started as laborers before being promoted to foremen and field management roles and later becoming part of our leadership. The common thread in all of them is their willingness to work hard, learn, and be part of a supportive team.

Here hard work is honored just as family and work-life balance. We know that our employees have lives and families outside of their work here.